Monday, August 10, 2009


Once a yearly tradition - attending a broadcast of the Spoken Word followed by brunch at Little America - we kind of moved past it once it got too expensive for Grandpa Mike to pony up the cash for all of us. So, no surprise, the moment the money had to come out of everyone's own pocket, eating at the brunch didn't look so appetizing and everyone concluded it "too" expensive to go. BUT...we dusted off the tradition this year when Brooke came into town from the Bayou.

The broadcast, a short and sweet 30-minute presentation of music and a story, actually got to me when the choir performed Max Wilberg's arrangement of "Jesu, The Very Thought is Sweet"

The brunch at the hotel was closed for renovations. We ended up in Big Cottonwood Canyon for brunch at the Silver Fork Lodge. Blackberry waffles and pancakes, hashbrowns, homemade cinnamon rolls and sippin' Brooke's homemade hot chocolate was worth the wait, I think.


Probably the last visit to the reservoir this summer as school starts in a week.

Yes, the weather was a lot cooler than one would prefer to be in cold water, but it didn't detract us from taking a dip. With the sand much cooler, we took advantage, and enjoyed burying one another.

Until next year...


Prior to a cold front sweeping through northern Utah and dropping our summer temperatures about 20 degrees, a wind storm sent dust high in the sky creating an colorful, transparent film. It blanketed the sky and draped over the sun. Hazy pinks, yellows and oranges. It was beautiful.


Maggie's most recent 5 desires are (in no particular order): (1) To basically look like Aunt Audrey or Barbie, (2) To have long, blonde Princess hair, (3) To have "boobies" , (4) To be a ballerina, and (5) To sing "Away in a Manger" all the time. Some of these are easily attained, but obviously, others have to wait until their due time.

One desire came true the other day. Audrey has been promising to give Maggie an old pair of black ballet slippers and she finally brought them over. With ribbons to fit over the slippers and wind up the leg, Maggie was all set to do her thing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I wanted to show my latest set I created for WordCandy Vinyl. It's called "Let's Go for a Ride". Unlike the previous road set I created for WordCandy Vinyl, this "On the Road Again" set features more vehicles and is a lot more flexible to set-up. You can also go to Etsy to order it.

I'm hoping to get the boys situated in their new room so I can decorate one of the walls with the set. I think it turned out really cute.

FYI: I should have a new pirate-themed set coming out in the next week or so.

Monday, August 3, 2009


"The Mystery of Love"



"Cherry Lime"


One of my favorite local artists is Melissa Peck. Though she already sells original paintings at the Coda Gallery in Park City, they were hosting a reception to showcase some of Melissa's new paintings. We decided to head up there to check out her new work.

I fell in love with "Olive" and could envision "Cherry Lime" in my living room - it has all the colors of this room. Mom wanted "Gabby", but when she found out the 5"x8" painting was $600.00, she didn't know how to surprise dad with that if she came home with it.

I'll tell you this...Melissa's paintings can't be fully appreciated until you see them in person. I have found that the saturation of her color palette and the delicate details can't be seen in any of the images you find online.

I would hope one day I could afford to own one of her originals. I think Olivia would be a great model for one of her paintings.


Since we were out that direction, we headed to the Oquirrh Mtn. Temple Open House right after the copper mines. We got to share this outing with the Laser family and mom and dad.

I loved the colors that were used inside the temple - very contemporary. Ironically, the reproductions of well-known paintings that decorated the walls throughout the temple, in my opinion, were poor. Most of them were too blue, too cool and dark - quite a contrast to the warmth of color that surrounded you in the wall coverings, the carpeting and upholstery fabrics. I know, a small thing most people wouldn't even notice. But I felt somewhat justified in this opinion when my mom commented on the same thing.

The funniest thing about the open house was the food tent. Yes, cookies and bottled water for everyone to enjoy in an RC Willey's Showroom-inspired tent. But, of course, a Mormon activity isn't complete without food!


Aunt Audrey had only 2 goals this summer: (1) Pineview Reservoir and (2) Kennecott Copper Mines. The first goal was pretty easy to accomplish. We've even more gone more than once this summer. As for the second goal, it took a bit more planning as it's not a hop, skip and a jump away.

We toured the Visitors Center, watched a video on the history of the mines, enjoyed the view, enjoyed even more the restroom facilities (Remind yourself to "just breath out of your mouth, not your nose and don't look down!"), and the overly-populated copper trinkets in the gift shop.


Every Sunday, the moment we walk thru G&G Roundy's doors, the kids head immediately over to the newspaper pile and pilfer thru the stack until they locate the Sunday comics. And every Sunday, these same comics make their way home and are then deposited into another pile. I was about to throw a bunch away the other day when I thought I could use them with another sketching exercise with the kids. We each chose a frame from a comic strip we like. I chose "Mother Goose & Grimm" and "Marvin"; Jake chose "Dilbert"; Olivia chose "Blondie" and "Garfield"; Ian chose "Frank & Ernest", "B.C.", and "Charlie Brown"; and Maggie chose "Little Mermaid" (obviously not a comic strip, but since there isn't any kind of Barbie or Princess comic, she grabbed a favorite book of hers and used that to sketch from). Then we spent about an hour on the living room floor sketching. Above is what we ended up with.


...I could do hair!!!

No! don't think so???

Well, really, it wouldn't be my top career choice either. I really am terrible at hair. Why, the main reason I have short hair is visibly obvious with the pics above. But I somehow managed to fool Maggie. She was beyond impressed by my talent. She was quite taken with my "interpretation" of the Barbie "Rapunzel" hair-do she asked me to duplicate with her goldi-locks.