Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The toothfairy is a fool.

She left $1.00 under the pillow and 25 cents in Liv's tooth holder.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is why you're fat

I found an awesome website today that everyone should add to their reader...


Monday, February 16, 2009


We're heading into our 3rd week without a TV.
(I believe it was either SoapNet or SpongeBob
that finally did it in.)

We've been waiting for the part to arrive,
but it's on back-order and we aren't sure
when it's going to get here.

Surprisingly enough, we've discovered
that one can survive without the boob-tube.

Here are a few things:

You become creative.

Your kids form their o
wn rock band.
They call themselves the "Pinky Doodles" and
perform a live concert in your living room.

"Butterflies" is our favorite song!

You dust off the IPod.

You listen to Muse's "Blackholes and Revelations"
over and over again
and realize once again why this is one of the BEST albums ever!

BONUS: Your kids know every song by heart.
(Sadly, YOU still don't know the lyrics.)

You make a discovery.

You catch up on all your regular TV shows via Internet.
(Who would of thunk???)
This is known as "snuggle time"
because you literally have to "snuggle"
to be able to view the images on your laptop's 13" screen.

You take a chance.

While searching for celebrity news on www.imdb.com,
you come upon a show called "Legend of the Seeker".
And then you find yourself 10 hours later
fully caught up with the entire series.

And then you read...

and read....

and read...

and read...

and read some more...

(I think you get the picture - no pun intended!


It's All About the Princess.
Can't believe it!!! Four years old.

Our very own princess was showered in the traditional manner:
Gifts, balloons (Thanks favorite Auntie Auds!), hugs and kisses,
money, cards, and treats.

Double the Fun!!!
Family get-together to celebrate
both Maggie's and Gramma Mad's bdays.

What could be better than Papa Murphy's pizza and rolls?
Um...Grampa Mike's homemade German chocolate cake!!!
Yummy and delicious!

Can't Stop the Birthday Fun.
It was Gramma Kimmy's bday too. Another family get-together!
We enjoyed presents, heart-shaped sugar cookies,
and fresh fruit on top of sponge cake.

But what could outshine all of this?????.........

One handmade macaroni noodle necklace. (Thanks Erik!)

A "sweet" visit
from the Valentine Fairy.

Come Saturday morning, we found that
our personal Valentine fairy had brought us
President Obama trading cards, SpongeBob chocolates,

tickets to Disney on Ice, and more chocolate.

Liv lost another pearly-white.
Liv lost a bottom tooth while eating a PopTart on her way to school
and then lost it again walking into the school.

Liv wrote a note begging the Tooth Fairy to leave her some money
even though there was no tooth in exchange for the cash.

After a couple nights with no response, tonight Liv decided
to take a different approach -
by placing a white pom pom in her tooth holder
to see if the Tooth Fairy will think it is a "real" tooth.

Um....we'll have to get back to you
to let you know if this devious ploy fooled the fairy.