Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A few Saturdays ago, Liv and I decided to be spontaneous and we hoped in the car and headed to the U of U Fine Arts Museum to see the "Monet to Picasso" exhibit that was being shown there. Only a handful of museums were chosen to host this show.

It took about 45 minutes of standing in line before we were able to get into the actual exhibit, but once we did we were transported! We saw amazing paintings that took us from Realism - Impressionism - Post Impressionism - Modernism - Surrealism. It was a real treat to see how the styles of paintings transformed in color, shape and subject matter.

One painting in particular caught both of our eyes at the same time. It was by French painter, Odilion Redon. It was a simple Impressionist painting of a vase of flowers, but the colors were so yummy, warm and inviting (see the pic above). I loved the warmth of the oranges with a touch of sea foam drops in the background. We both concluded that is was our favorite from the exhibit.

The best thing about this outing was sharing it with someone and more importantly, my daughter. I really hope these outings that I expose her to will help inspire and influence her as she develops as an artist.


Thursday, September 4, 2008


I suppose I've officially passed a certain milestone as a mom now that all the kids are in school. I sort of feel like a kid in a candy shoppe, not knowing what to do with the kid-free time I now have available. I guess I could clean; maybe I could go shopping; have lunch with friends; read a book; take up a new hobby; exercise.....the world is mine! However, I find that I look forward to 3.00pm when they all come walking through the front door.