Friday, October 5, 2007

What's In A Name?

What's In A Name? You may be wondering why I chose such a name? Roundy Rage. It doesn't at all evoke positive or happy feelings particularly when it is in reference to our family's blog. However, that being said, the phrase "rage" is becoming our family's word for silly and outrageous things we encounter in this world of ours. And boy, have we seen a lot of RAGE!!!Also, I did look up the definition of the word "rage" and about half-way down the list, "rage" does mean "intense enthusiasm". And one thing our family is...we're enthusiastic about being a family!

And after much thought (because I have been resisting jumping on the do-what-everyone-else-is-doing bandwagon), I decided that maybe my enthusiasm for journal-keeping, memory-recording and just the plain love of family I have, I would get with the program and create this blog. I'll still continue to write in my journals, send out family/friend letters, and email people, but I'll use this medium to keep everyone up-to-date with the Roundy Family's daily lives,.....or every-other-day lives,.....or maybe once-a-week lives,.....or honestly,.....once-a-month lives. Well, we'll see how often I post in the upcoming months.

So here we go! Enjoy