Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had been wanting to take Jake and Liv down to the Japanese woodblock print exhibition at BYU for some time now. And with the pressure of it coming to a close in a week, we headed down on this past Saturday. We also invited Ms. Segura and Mr. Alarcon to join us (They are teachers at the kid's school and they are also from Spain. Ms. S and I have really gotten to know each other over the past few years because we share an interest in art and I help teach art to her students. She loves and appreciates art so much and wants her students to learn about different artists. And I really like this about her.)

We arrived at 1.00pm and spent the next couple of hours looking, sketching, puzzling and resting. We spent most of our time in the woodblock exhibit, which was amazing! The accuracy, the detail, the patience one needs to do this type of intricate printing just astounds me.

We also stopped in to see the Dan Steinhilber exhibit. Jake was quite annoyed by what this artist put up as "art". He just didn't get why 3 swings hanging from a ceiling constitued something artistic. I had to agree that most of his installations were a bit "off", but both Liv and I enjoyed the balloon wall art. It was huge and colorful.

On our way home, Bea and Antonio treated us to a late lunch at Zuppa's.

It was a nice afternoon to spend with the kids as well as with Bea and Antonio.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!