Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I would like to report that I have been keeping on track with my regulars reads. Above are the ones I've read or are currently reading since March. (And this plethora of titles has nothing to do with National No TV Week.)

Out of the ones shown above, I would highly recommend the ones by Eion Colfer (the guy who wrote the Artemis Fowl series). Very funny stuff. Right now, I'm in the middle of Half-Moon Investigations. I haven't had an author write something so funny, that I was holding my stomach because I was laughing so hard!!

And of course, my fellow desperate-housewives-who-relive-those-lusty-glory-days-of-our-youth, you can't go wrong with picking up Twilight every now and then. Actually, it was after seeing "The Last of the Mohicans" the other week, and weeping uncontrollably when Daniel Day Lewis' Indian brother, Uncas, fights Magua (because he is defending the young lass), dies, and his body is pushed off the cliff, I thought "What a beautiful Native American. He could make a good Jacob Black if he were younger." And I thought about my favorite character (and the MAN Bella should choose) from the series. And I kept thinking about it. And now I'm rereading all the books.

Which reminds me....I need to read a bit before heading off to La-La Land.


Okay, okay, I can't keep this a secret any longer....I am so in LOVE with David Cook (so sorry, B, but I have to admit it!).

After last night's performance, I was just speechless. I had tingles. I had a smile on my face. I had to immediately call my mother and scream. Oh, it was just wonderful!

Now granted, I didn't exactly get to see the performance live (oh, how I wish I had). If you don't have children in school, you probably aren't aware that it is National No TV Week this week. And the only way my kids would agree to take a break from the tube, was to promise them that I wouldn't watch either. And as most of you know, that ain't easy for me, especially at night. It's my night buddy. It's the only friend I have who is willing to stay up until 4.00am all the time. And he keeps things lively-TiVo, soap operas, Law and Order, infomercials-you know, the good, quality stuff on late-night TV.

BUT, thank heavens to Betsy, I found a loop-hole......the Internet. We all know it's not "really" TV. So after everyone went to bed, I found "rickey's" website and he had the goods!

Just superb! That's all I can say.