Saturday, March 27, 2010


Another outing...this time to the Gateway to see "How To Train Your Dragon". Great animation! I can't wait to see it in 3D. We don't go to 3D movies too often because Ian prefers "1D" movies. But I have to agree with him...I don't like them only because I just can't stand the glasses on glasses thing going on. I mean, my nose is only so long...but not long enough to have 2 pairs of glasses perched on it. Ian just doesn't like the whole 3D thing.

Of course, when we go to the Gateway, we always get our bubblegum fix. Since it was such a lovely day, after the movie, we spent the rest of the day browsing Dick's Sports, reading at Barnes and Noble, spending Liv's bday gift certificates at Old Navy, pricing a mini Mac at the Apple Store, smelling lotions at Bath & Body, wishing we had lots of money to spend at Anthropologe (well, I guess, that would just me wishing I could shop at this store), running into friends, and eating yummy food at Taifoon.



All year, each of the grades have been learning songs in their morning music class and finally they were ready to perform. The theme for the concert was "Let's Sing!". Each grade performed their repertoire of songs on their own night. Both Olivia and Chase had a speaking part for the 3rd grade performance. I did record Olivia's part, but she had a bad case of bronchitis and you can't understand a thing she's actually kind of funny...and I think she mouthed most of the lyrics because she couldn't get any sound out...I would post pics of Jake's 5th grade performance (Ian/Kindergarten didn't get to have music class this year, so no performance), but he chose to go to soccer practice instead - he felt that would be more beneficial to his life than singing...


The third Saturday of each month, admittance into the UMFA is free. It is also when they host a free art project for kids. This month we were directed upstairs to view the litho prints of Pablo O'Higgins. We were to look for 3 things that appear in almost all his prints - dark, bold outlines, hats, and depictions of the field workers. After looking at the artwork, we went back downstairs to the art room where each of the kids were handed a large piece of white paper. On it, with crayons and oil pastels, they were to draw something inspired by O'Higgins work.

Following our outing at the museum, we headed to Jordan Commons to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Ian has been eagerly anticipating the release of this movie. We own all the books and we've all read them. And we were all surprised that the movie was pretty good - quite a funny little movie.


Cupcakes and Crazy Friends....
what could be better to celebrate
Olivia's Birthday?!?