Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sarah and Owen flew in for a visit, though their purpose in coming was dog-sitting for some friends. Mom and dad invited everyone over for dinner, sort of like a welcoming party, the night after they arrived in town. We didn't get see much of them during the week because of school and our tubbing adventure had to be cancelled due to the snowfall in the canyon. So, we made the best of our time and had them come over for dinner at our home. Then Sarah and I put together a girls night out...of course, another excuse to eat, and had dinner at Sonora Grill. Sarah tried to extend their stay, but flights were a bit too expensive; they left for home this afternoon.

We've been considering taking a vacation to see them in the late summer, but Disney is quietly whispering for us to go again. Maybe we'll leave the decision up to a coin toss?.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We pretty much spent the entire day in Salt Lake City last Saturday engaging in various activities. We began at the Auto Expo, arriving early to miss the crowds. We checked out the new Honda Pilot and all got into it pretending we'd upgraded. It's more roomier than our Pilot and the back on the new one is noticeably deeper too. Our next favorite SUV was the Audi Q7. Well, I should rephrase that...it is was "my" favorite. Brian somehow convinced all the kids that the GMC Acadia was the bomb! We were a bit disappointed that Nissan didn't show up at the Expo. We were eager to check out the Armada. Anyway, we grabbed a quick bite at Zupas before heading up to UMFA's free family art activity. We first took a tour of the African gallery before heading into the art room where we each produced a painting on a sheet of papyrus inspired by the hieroglyphics on the Egyptian sarcophagus. After grabbing some groceries and yummy samples at Costco, we finished the Super Saturday with a cold treat at Farr's Fresh (A, thanks for the head's up on the coupons...they came in handy, especially as the kids loaded their ice cream with toppings).




Monday, January 11, 2010