Monday, February 16, 2009


We're heading into our 3rd week without a TV.
(I believe it was either SoapNet or SpongeBob
that finally did it in.)

We've been waiting for the part to arrive,
but it's on back-order and we aren't sure
when it's going to get here.

Surprisingly enough, we've discovered
that one can survive without the boob-tube.

Here are a few things:

You become creative.

Your kids form their o
wn rock band.
They call themselves the "Pinky Doodles" and
perform a live concert in your living room.

"Butterflies" is our favorite song!

You dust off the IPod.

You listen to Muse's "Blackholes and Revelations"
over and over again
and realize once again why this is one of the BEST albums ever!

BONUS: Your kids know every song by heart.
(Sadly, YOU still don't know the lyrics.)

You make a discovery.

You catch up on all your regular TV shows via Internet.
(Who would of thunk???)
This is known as "snuggle time"
because you literally have to "snuggle"
to be able to view the images on your laptop's 13" screen.

You take a chance.

While searching for celebrity news on,
you come upon a show called "Legend of the Seeker".
And then you find yourself 10 hours later
fully caught up with the entire series.

And then you read...

and read....

and read...

and read...

and read some more...

(I think you get the picture - no pun intended!


Mindy said...

Did you break your tv or was it from all the snow? You should lend out some of your library, I am so out of what books are even getting the buzz. Thanks for the link for the link to your sis in law.

Christina said...

have you read shannon hale's goose girl, and her subsequent Enna Burning, and River Secrets? I like em. and goose girl is an actual fairy tale that she revamped from the grimm brothers.

Christina said...

ohh and if you did break your tv. we have one you could have.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

ummmm, I don't see a certain book listed. Seriously, Erinne. Just return the book. You aren't going to finish it at this point. Unfortunately, you won't ever know the name of the wind.