Monday, August 10, 2009


Maggie's most recent 5 desires are (in no particular order): (1) To basically look like Aunt Audrey or Barbie, (2) To have long, blonde Princess hair, (3) To have "boobies" , (4) To be a ballerina, and (5) To sing "Away in a Manger" all the time. Some of these are easily attained, but obviously, others have to wait until their due time.

One desire came true the other day. Audrey has been promising to give Maggie an old pair of black ballet slippers and she finally brought them over. With ribbons to fit over the slippers and wind up the leg, Maggie was all set to do her thing.


The Hartungs said...

she looks gorgeous! such a princess! is she REaLLy standing on her toes in the small collage?! if so that's AMAZING!!!

"The Freakin' Lasers!" said...

Oh there's a memory!!!!! I am glad you acknowledge my love for them....especially Maggie.