Monday, August 10, 2009


Once a yearly tradition - attending a broadcast of the Spoken Word followed by brunch at Little America - we kind of moved past it once it got too expensive for Grandpa Mike to pony up the cash for all of us. So, no surprise, the moment the money had to come out of everyone's own pocket, eating at the brunch didn't look so appetizing and everyone concluded it "too" expensive to go. BUT...we dusted off the tradition this year when Brooke came into town from the Bayou.

The broadcast, a short and sweet 30-minute presentation of music and a story, actually got to me when the choir performed Max Wilberg's arrangement of "Jesu, The Very Thought is Sweet"

The brunch at the hotel was closed for renovations. We ended up in Big Cottonwood Canyon for brunch at the Silver Fork Lodge. Blackberry waffles and pancakes, hashbrowns, homemade cinnamon rolls and sippin' Brooke's homemade hot chocolate was worth the wait, I think.