Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What a Saturday it was! Hard to top a book signing with Stephenie Meyer, right?

You know, it was a long day just to get Mrs. Meyer to scribble a "S" and "M" with a black Sharpie, but who could blame her? I would probably revert to an archaic form of my signature when you had 1,000 people (mostly women, with a few men thrown in for good measure) waiting for you to sign not one, but multiple copies of her books. But well-worth it for us. And, hey, I got to spend some QT with not only my mom and sister, but other vampire/werewolf (go, Jacob, go!)/alien freaks as well.

There were some significant moments thrown into the 5 or so hours we spent in Highland High's auditorium waiting for "Group 23" to be called. That meant it was finally our turn to head up to the table.

First, the shirts my mom designed and had made for us three to wear, were a big hit! I thought it so appropriate to place the "eyes" strategically over the bust line. The eyes on my shirt really "popped". JoJo's, on the other hand, were having a flat day. But we got stopped quite a bit for people to look at them (the shirts, not the...um...you know, those thingies) and even take pics.

Then, a photographer from Deseret News stopped to talk to us about what was going on. We caught his "eye" (hah! hah!) because the three of us were wearing the same shirt and we happened to be reading all at the same time (well, what else can you do while waiting?). It was funny...he showed us the email he received from his boss which instructed him to spend 5 minutes or so taking some shots of a few fans who "may" come to Mrs. M's book signing. He did not expect what he found. He was amazed by the crowd. And though he took some pics of us, they didn't make it into Sunday's paper. However, he was kind enough to send us a pic (look above).

Lastly, and most importantly....Stephenie knew who my mom was! How exciting! Though with this recognition, poor JoJo got overlooked. She got stuck in a sandwich and Mrs. M wasn't having any of her! It started with me, who happened to be the first to greet Mrs. M. She commented on my shirt and I told her my mom designed it; she might know her as "Fatty Lumpkin". And she did know her! It was right at this moment for JoJo to have her turn, but it lasted less than a millisecond. It was ALL about my mom. (At least, Mrs. M signed JoJo's books and spelled her name correctly too, but that was about all the acknowledgement she received.). Mrs. M briefly chatted with my mom. As the brief exchange came to an end, my mom gave Stephenie a shirt. This little encounter was quickly followed up by a reporter from Entertainment Weekly magazine who pulled my mom aside to interview. Pretty sweet!

So, all in all, a good day. A very good day.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Ah, E.....Hil is going to love that "flat" comment. Well, when Audrey looked at the photo, she said I looked like a 15 year old boy. Thanks for the post. It was a good day.

H&E Carlson said...

No no, no worries. I have confidence that is out of this world, so don't worry about crushing my hopes for life (add to to-do list: padded bra!). Had fun with you guys. It was "soul" much fun! Haha!