Tuesday, May 20, 2008


In honor of my friend and terrific neighbor, I want to wish Julie a wonderful 40th brithday today!

It was quite the event trying to discreetly coordinate a surprise party for her. Thanks to her two sisters, it is what it was meant to be...a TOTAL SURPRISE! It was a warm and fun evening eating take-out from Cafe Rio; gorging ourselves on cookies dipped generously in a dip made with chocolate chips/cream cheese/brown sugar/and other sweet flavors; little eclairs; chips and salsa; funny stories (thanks Jerri for the Classic Skating reinactment); cake and icecream ("older than dirt"); and presents (though nothing could top your copy of the the host. well, maybe the Jazz shirt could)!

So, here's to you, Julie, for forging ahead of us young ones, continuing to pave the way and joinin' the ranks of the...well, you know whom I'm talking about.