Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just finished this book a couple of hours ago. Mrs. M's new book. I loved it. Right now, I'm pretty bummed too. I want more of the story. I wish I hadn't read it so fast. I really wanted to savor it. But I hit about the 200th page and couldn't stop. I mean, I went out with the kids tonight but too much time had gone by without a fix. I got real ancy. Fortunately, we all wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. So, I sent Jake to grab me a copy, found my place in the book and continued reading. Very satisfying. And though I don't know if it's my favorite book of Mrs. M's just yet, it didn't disappoint either. But I got to agree with those Ian fans. Now I know what they are talking about. Kind of weird, though? I have a major crush on Jacob and now one on Ian. I wish she would stop using the names of my boys. Sort of funky.


Lacy said...

Erinne, I am glad to hear you liked this because I haven't been able to get into it yet (only a couple chapters through). I will continue to read it now, though. That is really cool you got to go to her book signing!

This is Lacy, your guys' cousin!

H&E Carlson said...

I too have completed The Host and can agree with you that though I did enjoy it and would like the story to continue (SM said she might!), I still dream about Edward and Bella. However, it's hard to compare the two. But I think if SM did continue the story I would be more invested in the characters (like E & B). And yes, now I understand the hoopla over Ian. Anyway, just 1 critique? I wished she had more dialogue between M & W at the end - like how each other felt. I don't want to say anymore for those who haven't read it yet. And the ending was just a tad confusing for me. I’ll have to discuss it more at length with you later. But good read!!! I keep thinking about the characters!

Lorena said...

Yeah, I went through all 3 Twilight books in 2 weeks and am wishing I had slowed down and just read a chapter at a time.

I am totally getting "The Host" this week. Funny, funny about getting it at B&N, that is totally something I would (and have) done.

We are coming up for the 24th of July. Are you all going to be around?