Thursday, March 20, 2008


On March 17th, the Garfields (minus the Hirschi clan and the Head of the Family) gathered at the family's historical estate for an evening steeped in Irish customs and traditions.

Of course, we all wore the appropriate amount of green.

We also had course after course of Irish beef stew (for those who were first in line) and Irish veggie stew (for those last in line), rainbow fruit salad, pot o' gold muffins (Suspiciously missing the cheese, aka the gold, and replaced with apples and cinnamon. Hum.....what's up with that?), and washed it all down with an assortment of sodie pop which happened to be contained in green liter bottles (meaning, Sprite, Squirt, and some weird Grapefruit number).

Then, the annual Running of the Cousins. Well, actually, it's a search for our very own house Leprechaun's pot of gold (I believe his name is Dobie). Every year, he hides it, but he leaves behind clues. This year, each Cousin received a puzzle piece. Once all the pieces were fitted together, the location of the gold was revealed! But the Cousins were distracted by the Matron of our clan, aka Gram Kimmy, who led them astray for as long as she could. While Jake, the oldest of the Cousins, was waiting patiently at the site. Quickly, he cries of discovery over-powered Gram Kimmy's pleas to follow her aimlessly about. The gold was retrieved and distributed---10 pieces of chocolate gold per Cousin. What lucky kids!

The evening ended as soon as it began. It came to a close as the Cousins sucked down chocolate coins and the adults indulged their taste buds with some Shamrock BTS dessert on Fruity Pebble crust. Yummy!

Yes, we are indeed a family who honors their Irish ancestry.

We hope we did ya proud!


Brooke said...

What does the BTS stand for in that shamrock delight? Sounds tasty!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Yeah Erinne.....explain the BTS to Brooke.
I guess I must gear up for some incredible CLUE driven leprechaun hunting game for next year. I tried with the puzzle idea, you know.

kourtney said...

This is great! Kris and I are always trying to discover new, fun things to do for the holidays. Keep the ideas coming. Hopefully we can do the same in return.

gramps said...

I am so, so anxious to have my house back so I can have all of my kids over at once again. "It won't be long now." -- Gram Maddie