Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A few Fridays ago, our home was filled with the ear-peircing screams of little girls running giddily throughout our home. Maybe it was the grape floats? No... it was Olivia's 7th birthday party.

She chose a "purple butterfly" themed party and invited some classmates and her cousins. She and I wanted to do something different, so we hired a very talented lady we discovered last summer, Julie Christiansen, to come and paint faces. (Obviously from the pic above, she does a bit more that a tiny flower on the cheek with acrylic paint.)

While waiting for everyone to get their face done, each girl got to paint and decorate her own frame. And before the party ended, I took individual pics of the girls. Later in the week, I developed them and put them inside the frames and passed them out as Liv's "thank you" gift to her guests.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes on the blog, little Bear-bee Boo!


Saying It Simply said...

happy birthday, Liv!!! What a great idea. The pictures are great! Especially, the first. xo, kris

Bevany said...

Geez finally. Love the pics. You put on a great party E. Happy Birthday Liv!