Friday, March 7, 2008



First place, three years in a row!

Jake and Liv's project was "Which Cereal Contains the Most Iron?" They each took a box of Total and Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, blended 10oz. of each cereal with 5 cups of water and then took a very powerful magnet and stirred it in the cereal liquid for 45 seconds. The black stuff that caked the ends of the magnets was the iron extracted from the cereal. And the cereal with the most iron.....Total!

Congratulations, kids!


Bevany said...

That's awesome. Congrats to Jake and Olivia for 1st place!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Hey Peace OUT, dudes! Way to go Olivia and Jacob!!

simply kris said...

Who was the brain behind this idea? It's brilliant! It's too bad you guys live soooooooo far away. My children need to hang out with people who are nice and smart. Call us! Let's hang!

kourtney said...

Great job!! 1st place...too nice. Congratulations Jake and Olivia.

Lacy said...

Love your blog! I feel like I am looking at Brian as a child when I see your oldest!

This is your cousin Lacy!

Bayra said...

Erinne, I am embarrased to say that you had no idea how big your kidss got! They all big and winning science fair and everything. I have to tell Garrett he will be so proud of your kiddos! Hope we can have a family reunion regularly so we don't miss out on our kids growing up! We have a blog now if you want to check it out.