Thursday, December 6, 2007


So again, along with Gram Mad, Gram Kim and Gramps Vance, we went to Pack Meeting last Thursday. Jakob, who recently turned 9, received his Wolf and advanced to the Bears. CONGRATULATIONS JAKE!!!

But first, in good ol' Scout fashion, we got to do a fun activity. And of course, a team-building on at that! Okay, since Native Americans was the focus of the month, we built a totem pole. Each family brought a box, covered it with paper and proceeded to decorate it with some imagery that represented the family. We immediately knew that a guitar was to emblazon itself on our portion of the pole. After everyone completed their piece, all the Scouts got up and tried to assemble it without having it fall over. Eventually, a dad got up and somehow got it to stand.

(Here's that crazy girl again. You'll only get this if you've gone to the Freakin' Lasers blog.)


Bevany said...

Congratulations to Jake. Way to go! I don't know much about scouts (although I should, my dad was scout master forever)...maybe someday we'll have our own little scout. Crazy he is so big. I still remember the little toddler who called me Bevia...those were the days.