Thursday, December 6, 2007


As I continue to blog out of order, I wanted to show some pics from our family's outing to the Festival of Trees last Friday. We picked up Brian at work right after the kid's got out of school. We were all starving at 2.00 in the afternoon, so we made it to 106th So. for a bite to eat at Rumbi Grill before heading to the Festival.

I love and look forward to seeing all the wonderfully and not so wonderfully decorated trees every year. Brian on the other hand, wishes I didn't have this need to get my $4.00 charitable contribution worth by needing to see EVERY tree. I think he continues to wish that we went to this holiday favorite with his family. Because they didn't mess with trees. They would glance right and left at the trees as they made a beeline to the candy shoppe. But you gotta love the homemade fudge and decadent caramel apples. Then we'd head home. Short and sweet.

Some highlights of the outing: The electricity kept going off. Fortunately, the backup power would kick on, but only the lights on the trees would keep us from crashing into everyone. We also saw Dan Pope, the weatherman from KSL. He's a tiny guy in person. Not as tall as you'd think he is from seeing him on TV. The Darth Vader tree was one of the coolest trees, but I do miss the beer tree that caused such an uproar a few years ago. You had to give it credit for being unique.


Bevany said...

I'm jealous you guys went. I wanted to go, but Mike won and we didn't make it. Sounds like you had fun!