Saturday, July 25, 2009


For years I've wanted to make more of Pioneer Day which is celebrated here in Utah on the 24th of July. But is wasn't until last year that I actually did something. Last July Bev and her kids, and Grandma Kimmy joined me and the kids for a day at This Is The Place Heritage Park. We had a really good time, especially since the weather was a bit cooler due to a passing rain storm. I had also not been to this Park since I was in my teens and I was quite impressed how much had changed - in a good way. Lots of activities and interesting things to see.

But this year, we had already been to the Park on Memorial Day and so I wanted to come up with something new. So, I put together a day in SLC - take a tour the Beehive House, then have lunch and play in the fountain at the Gateway. And since UTA is running a summer special, 4 people for $10 bucks, we would make this an adventure using public transportation.

We were joined by Bev and her kids, Audrey and her crew, and our friends, the Reeds. We met at the Layton station and took the 1.00pm FrontRunner train to Central Station. Then we hopped on board TRAX and made our way thru the "Free Fare Zone" to Temple Square.

Since Uncle Kirk works in the Zions building, Audrey suggested we stop by and surprise him. It was a bit anti-climatic when we arrived at this office because he was out to lunch. But while we waited for his return, the secretary let all of us in the safety deposit vault. She pointed out the slots and locks that were at least 100 years old. Once we said "hello" to Kirk and told him to liven up his desk with a treat jar instead of the raw oats and brown sugar we found, we headed on our way. (FYI to all dads out there with desks at work: Make sure you have a treat jar. It's the best thing about your workspace!).

Walking throughout a maze of construction just to get to the other side of the street, we took a 30-minute "kid-friendly" tour of the Beehive House. I discovered on this "tour" they take you to the Store. I haven't been to this part of the home since (once again) I was in my teens. I use to love this part of the tour because you could buy penny candy, horehound candy (Jake and I love this candy) and post cards. But now the Store is just something to look at. And it's A LOT smaller than I remember.

Back on TRAX and on to the Gateway, we had a late lunch in the Food Court and then to cool off from the high 90-degree day, we let the kids run through the Fountain.

By 5.30pm we were back on the FrontRunner headed for home.

A very good way to celebrate our state's heritage. I think next year we'll do a tour of the State Capitol......


bevany said...

So much fun. Thanks for the idea. We had a great time!

The Bagleys said...

Erinne, Can I be part of your family? Pretty please?

What fun memories you've made this summer. You Go Girl!