Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Our Tuesday began with a wild water party at our church. We played various water games, like Sponge Pass, Wet Clothes Relay Race, Slip n' Slide, and Tug 'O War.

But the most anticipated part of the activity was the arrival of the fire truck. The ladies who had organized the activity were a bit worried though. They hadn't been able to confirm the
appointment and so they weren't sure if it would come. I suggested if the truck failed to appear, we could always start a fire....that for sure would get the fire trucks to come.

Well, extreme measures were unnecessary when the red engine came down the street, hooked the hose up to the hydrant, and proceeded to douse everyone completely.

Later on, our friends, the Seeleys, who are visiting from Arizona, came by for pizza and Rockband. We introduced them to the game last summer and I guess, we converted them (and many others in the Grand Canyon state as well).

To be honest, we tend to go in spurts with Rockband. We'll get the instruments out and jam out for hours and days and then slam into a wall of overdoing it! Then, it's break time for a few months. So, lately, we've been taking a reprieve, but when we heard the Seeleys were in town, we dusted off the drums, the guitars and the microphone and proceeded to rehearse.

Feeling pretty confident and having more experience under our belts (or so we thought), the Moo Moos (one of our band names) were ready to show off our musical prowess. We let our guests perform first just so they wouldn't feel intimidated. But let's just say, the Moo Moos got schooled! The Seeleys weren't kidding when they said their 9-year old, Drew, was dang good on the drums. He is their secret weapon! We (meaning the Moo Moos) quickly decided that this wasn't a "competition" and suggested that we join forces. Enough said...

Travel home safely. We'll see you next summer, Seeleys.


Natalie said...

Your photos turned out great. It was fun to watch how excited all the kids were to get soaked. I loved the idea of drawing book covers. I showed it to my kids and now they want to try it!!

E and H said...

Is that a new rug in your downstairs basement? Hey, were the Seeley's able to release the crazy rock sound from the guitar when Jojo took up the strings? I don't think so - I still rule.