Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, today was the actual Pioneer Day. As we have done since my dad started it, we've gone to the Bowman's Chuckwagon Breakfast every 24th of July. This year, the Roundys joined us. Plate-sized pancakes, ham slices, scrambled eggs, cut-up cantaloupe and honeydew, and your choice of chocolate milk, white milk, or Tampica orange juice.

Typically, the breakfast is all we do on this day. Brian usually heads to work and the kids and I go home and do nothing. But, while Brian stayed home and read (though we're pretty sure he took a nap), the kids and I, JoJo and Erik, the Lasers and Gramma Kim went to see Harry Potter 6. Both Gramma Kimmy and I agreed that the movie was better the second time around.

Once we got out of the theater, we grabbed our swimming suits and headed to the Slip n' Slide party at G&G Roundys. Grandpa Mike bought some plastic, 10 feet by 100 feet, and he and Brian set it up in the backyard. They ended up shortening the length to 50 feet because there just wasn't enough room to get a running start before hitting the plastic.

Let's say it was a very humorous afternoon watching Mad, Mike, Brian and Neil take to the Slip n' Slide. Adults doing any child's activity are always entertaining to watch. Injuries, bruises, and sore muscles followed soon after.

The Lasers joined us for the party. Not only did we have the slip n' slide, but the sprayers were set up on the trampoline and soon the kids found the squirt guns. A bit of pizza for dinner and we called it a day. Happy Pioneer Day!!!


bevany said...

I wish we would have been there for the slip n slide. I would have paid to see Brian on it. Mike totally would have done it too. We had plans to be at the breakfast, but you know how we are about things in the morning. Did you get in the paper again?