Friday, July 3, 2009


Since I'm not dwelling on the past, but looking to tomorrow (to understand what I mean by that, you'll need to read the post below this one), I thought I would share with you another thing that I am looking forward to....Beatles Rockband. For those who have known me a long, long time, you know I LOVE the Beatles - have since I was little. I never had posters of the hottest teeny-bopper star or the coolest bands at that moment-in-time on my bedroom walls. Instead, I had the hottest Fab Four plastered on my four walls (oh, and James Dean, of course, was included). I still remember listening to their music on the 'ol record player when Grandma Mona sent aunt Wendy and mom the old records. When I first heard their music, I felt like it was the music I was meant to grow up and old with. It fit me and my personality. Once, me and my siblings dressed up in my dad's church suits, fashioned guitars out of Construx, put together some crazy drum set with pots (I believe), and I even think we stood up an old typewriter case in front of the drums that advertised our band's name - the Beatles - and we lip synced Beatles songs for mom and dad with a mini concert (this reminds so much of Liv's, Maggie's, and Ian's "Pinky Doodle" rock concerts they sporadically put on for us). So, I'm gearing up and resting the voice for 09.09.09 when it's released. Here's a link my mom sent me with the commercial for the Beatles Rockband. Enjoy!

Oh, and I know what you're thinking.....for as much as I'm spouting about "looking to the future", I sure spent a lot of time in this post going down Memory Lane, aka reminiscing.
Full of contridictions I am. But, hell, so is life!