Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thinking we would try and be spontaneous (which really isn't in our nature and I suppose since we were "thinking" about it, we weren't being spontaneous at all.), we thought we'd hop on the FrontRunner and head to SLC to treat the kids to a nice graduation dinner.

We thought it would be a lickety-split ride down to the Gateway and back to the Layton station.

Not so, Joe! It actually took about an hour to get to the SLC station (granted we got on the 8 o'clock southbound train). By the time we arrived, it was dark and a bit cold and we weren't dress appropriately to go walking around in search for a restaurant. So, we stayed on board and headed back, which meant we arrived at the Layton station at ten o'clock.

Not a lot of selection to choose from at this time nor a lot of time to go driving about since all of us were STARVING, so we thought we'd go to the closest place, IHop.

The last and only time we ate at this place was about the time it opened. I do know Jake and Liv were with us and maybe Ian was (though he would of been a little baby) or maybe I was prego with him, can't remember, but I do remember what the experience was like. And needless to say, it was memorable in a very horrible way.

But beggars can't be choosers. And IHop it was.

We really wish it wasn't. This time it wasn't the food. It was the type of crowd IHop tends to welcome thru it's doors. Let's just say...we're not that type of crowd. And after waiting 45 painful minutes to get our food (Why it took that long, we don't know. There were only three full tables. Go figure?!?), we shoved our food in our mouths in about 10 minutes and got the hell out of there.

Of course, a lesson learned AGAIN. We shall not go back. EVER!


H&E Carlson said...

E! I love your new blog makeover! How's Brian taking the change? It's very girly.

Bevany said...

I'm a bit surprised Brian let you take control of the look, as well. I love it though. I have been against riding the front runner from the beginning. Now I have even more of a reason to be! Oh yes, and thanks for my comment! I feel very special.

Brooke said...

We had a bad experience with IHop on our honeymoon. I think they should rename it IHurl.