Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last Saturday, we spent the afternoon with Jake's teacher, Ms. Segura, her husband (Mr. Alarcon) and some of his classmates at the Ogden Nature Center. Both Ms. S and Mr. A have been here numerous times, so they were great guides!

We started out by going out on a hike hoping to come across some deer. Some of us were able to see a few deer in the trees, but for the most part, the turkeys were the closest thing to seeing wildlife out in the open.

At the end of our hike, we headed to the picnic area for some lunch before going home.

It was a very nice, leisurely activity to share with Ms. S and Mr. A before they head back to Spain for the summer. When they get back, we told them that we will take them to Thanksgiving Point's flower gardens.

Take care, Ms. S and Mr. A. We'll see you in a couple of months.


simply kris said...
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simply kris said...

sorry about the delete.
The pics are beautiful. I'm going to take my kids this route for a day out. Thanks for the idea.

"The Freakin' Lasers!" said...

Coolio! Where's the adorable shots that I was able to "capture the moments" at the park? Or the one that I snapped as I violated B? Sorry again B!

Bayra said...

I love your website design and color. Wow! I like your pictures as well. And I also love your Los Amigos list. It made me laugh! Thanks! Just saying Hi and I hope you don't mind that I visit your blog!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I would comment, but my eyes haven't recovered from the splash of vivid green that greeted me as I clicked on your blog. I;ll recover and be back.

The Bagleys said...

My Erinne, you've been at the Nature Center mighty looong. When will you tell us about your summer vacation adventures. I miss seeing the cute Roundy children's photos.