Sunday, May 4, 2008


On April 29th, I was on my way to Walmart, just as the day was coming to an end and there was this AMAZING sunset. I have not seen the sun this gigantic in sky in a long time (yes, I know, that sentence sounds stupid. The sun is always gigantic, but for some reason, on this day, it was even more so than normal. Maybe it was it's placement in relation to everything else. I don't know.).

Fortunately, I had my camera in the car, bypassed the store, headed West, trying to find a spot I could pull over and take some shots. The sun was quickly descending past the horizon line. Here are a few that I captured. But, really, you had to be there to truly grasp the amazing scene I was seeing.

Only my sister, Sarah, will appreciate these shots. Do you think they are good enough to make it into a calendar, Peehead? Maybe I'll make you a 2009 special limited edition calendar. I think I have your Christmas present all picked out! Right on!