Thursday, December 6, 2007


As most of you are aware, a couple of years ago, Brian had some Christmas tree rage. Let me explain: Every year, for the past 9 years, we had our annual argument-fake tree vs. real tree. And every year I won the argument-REAL TREES RULE!!! Well, up until two years ago, when the 10-foot real tree I was wrapping with lights came crashing down on the kids, all h-e-double-tooth-picks broke loose! That was the final straw or pine needle that broke Brian's back!!!! It was all the excuse Brian needed to take that real tree and shove it out the back door, lights and all. The following day, he had brought home a fake tree from Lowes.

So, I got to admit, the fake tree wasn't all that bad and last year, when we had a tree-argument-free year, I kind of like it. But this year, as we discussed with the kids what they wanted to do during this holiday season, they all put on their puppy dogs eyes and whimpered to their dad that they missed going up into the mountains to cut down a real tree. I know Brian has already posted about the tree cutting this year, so I won't continue with that part of the story.

Now we have the real tree, which is outside on our porch and the fake tree fully decorated in our living room. Because I'm a Christmas tree decoration Nazi, I bought some bright-colored ornaments from Target for the kids to decorate the outside tree. Yeah, I know a bit weird to have a cut real tree sitting outside, but heck, what else can you do?!?


Bevany said...

Jake looks absolutely THRILLED to be out there singing. I love it. I might have to make a visit to come see the outdoor tree.