Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Movies of 2007

Since the end of the year is approaching I thought I would start a 'Best Of' series to add to the blog. For some reason it seems like we went to the movies more this year than normal. Now if you know me you know that it takes a lot for the 'Wood to get into my wallet so without any further introduction I present the 5 best movie going experiences of 2007.

5 - The Golden Compass

We saw this with Erinne's parents and Jake and Olivia. Definitely one to get you thinking and also a great fantasy film that is not just a Lord of the Rings clone.

4 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (IMAX 3-D)

I took Jake and Liv to see this at the 3-D IMAX theater and we all loved it. Erinne is the real HP freak of the family and ended up seeing it 3-4 times. I think this one is my favorite so far.

3 - Nancy Drew

I took Olivia to see this as a Daddy/Daughter movie time and although I was expecting it to be painful we both had a great time. Nothing wrong with a little Girl power....

2 - The Bourne Ultimatum

We tried to revive the Garfield Dinner and a Movie tradition with this film and we more or less pulled it off. While the dinner was not that great the movie was one of the best of the year.

1 - The King of Kong - A Fistful of Quarters

Hands down the best movie of 2007. It had it all...drama...comedy and some serious flashback enducing video game footage. Me and Erinne saw this at the Broadway as part of our first annual double feature date night. If you haven't caught this one I highly recommend you check it out on DVD.


Brooke said...

I definitely have to see Harry Potter again. I think it's out on DVD today. I don't remember much of the second have because I was a little distracted thinking about my new hoodie laced in puke. Poor Liv!

Brooke said...

I meant to say half in that last comment.

Bevany said...

I think we should try another Garfield dinner and a movie night and see Juno. What do you think? George Michael in short jogging shorts?? What more could we ask for?