Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Jake's Sunday Birthday Dinner

What does Jake's favorite Sunday dinner entail?...of course, chicken wings, rice, cooked carrots, cabbage salad with "cruchies" (aka Ramen Noodles), and chocolate milk in the special birthday cup.
(Thanks! Gram Mad & Aunt Shelly for making it.)

Not your traditional birthday cake, but Jake asked for banana bread and Brian whipped one up for him.

Wondering why 3 candles when Jake is turning 12?...well, we forgot the candles and Gram Mad didn't have enough, so "1" and "2" makes for "12"!!!

Jake's "Actual" Birthday Dinner

Who would have thunk that sushi is what Jake wanted for his 12th birthday dinner!?!

Brian made a delicious California roll with salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber.

Jake kept eating until he could eat no more...

The "Strawberry Napoleon" was the birthday dessert Brian picked up from SLC's Gourmandise Bakery(http://www.gourmandies.com/index.html).

It looks really rich, but actually the flavors are very subdued, but it tasted so good. It has layers of puff pastry, light and flaky, filled with custard cream and cut-up fresh strawberries, dusted with confectioners sugar.