Monday, October 18, 2010


As part of Ian's birthday this year, he spent some time with both his grandparents. My kids really like the one-on-one time with their "elders" (haha!) and it's a good time for both. (Both sets of grandparents commented that Ian talked non-stop the entire time he was with them...probably because he could get a word in edgewise.)

With Grams & Gramps Garfield, he set off to spend his gift certificate at The Three Little Monkeys store. It didn't take him long to figure out what he wanted to buy...he said he spotted it because it was "San Diego Charger" blue. This little self-propelled kart has become a hit with our neighborhood. It's funny to watch the kids zig-zag their way down the sidewalk.

On his outing with Grams and Gramps Roundy, though Gramps couldn't make it because he had to go take a nap, his egg omelet he was cooking up right before Ian left with Gram Mad, inspired Ian to want an "egg, bacon, and cheese" sandwich, rather than Chick-a-Fila.

After peanut-butter Moo'd Jamba Juice and a set of Pokemon cards and an UNO game, Ian came back for lunch.