Saturday, February 6, 2010


To start off Season 6 and, more importantly, the Series Finale of "Lost", we invited mom & dad and Seth over to watch the recap and the 2-hour opener of the show. Brian made an island-inspired dinner with baked orange salmon, a fresh vegetable salad, and pineapple spears for us to enjoy while we were watching. And mom brought fresh berries to top the most delicious vanilla icecream ever! (, that's my taste buds talkin'...they haven't had icecream, let alone dairy, for about a month, so the vanilla tasted all the more delicious!). At the end of the 3 hours, we all agreed that something has to be done with amount of commercial interruptions. As for the show itself, of course there are always more questions than answers and the added curiosity to see how this will all conclude in the next few months. But in the end, what is great about this show is that it makes you think and it's fun to share theories and look for connections with other people. A show like this doesn't come around too often.