Saturday, February 6, 2010


Allie invited me to a craft night she was having where they were going to make felt BIRTHDAY BANNER, but I wasn't able to go. So instead, Amanda and I tried to recreate the birthday banner all on our own. Together we got our supplies, spent an evening making a smaller version of the one that Allie and her friends were making. We tried to keep it simple and generic with our color choices and we used an assortment of wool felt and the cheap felt too. We used a CD as our template for the back piece and then I happen to have some templates I picked up from Hobby Lobby that were circular-shaped but with different decorative edges. They were smaller than the CD circle, so they fit perfectly on top. To do the letters, I just free-cut them out of felt and some fabric. With felt glue and some simple straight stitches we put them together. Using a small hole punch and ribbon, we finished up the banners. Pretty easy.


Natalie said...

That is seriously the cutest birthday banner ever. I need you to teach me how - my kids would LOVE it!