Monday, July 20, 2009


Maggie chose to draw the cover from Disney's Snow White.
Erinne decided to sketch Max and one of the "Wild Things".
Because Harry Potter is fresh on the brain,
Jakob chose the 3rd book cover to copy.

One of Ian's favorite series, he picked I'm Mighty for his work.
Olivia did 3 covers from 3 different books,
but we chose this one to show.

Last week the kids and I did several different art projects. Very simple, yet effective in letting us practice and hone our sketching skills, our confidence in using pen (which means, we build up the confidence to make our marks count on the paper), and exercising our eyes in observing details, shapes, color (yes, black and white can be a "color"), and line.

The images above show our interpretations from the books we chose to replicate. We also did a series of castles and amusement parks which we pulled from our imaginations.

What is really fun about these types of drawing exercises is that even though each one of us is at different points in our art experience, our ages vary from 4 to 34, each drawing is such an expression of the individual. And we can do it together. Once we finish our drawings we pass them around so we can each take a moment to look, make comments and share our talent with one another.


sarita said...

This is one of my favorite "Roundy Rage" posts so far. I love every single drawing.

Keep 'em coming!

I miss you guys already.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

What wonderful artists! I love each one of them. More! I want to see more.