Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Here are the three books I've finished reading during the past few weeks.

I actually picked up The Glass Castle at 8.00pm yesterday and read straight through and finished just a few hours ago. I enjoyed the overall story of the author's life, but I was very frustrated as well with her parents and why the children enabled the parents so much and why the parents neglected their duties as parents. I think anyone who reads the book would find themselves myself questioning their own parenting skills. You wonder what you could be doing or not doing in raising your kids that could really mess them up or really encourage them not to be like you. It was an interesting true story because you really can't believe they actually happened to real people. You would have to read it to know what I mean.

I was also frustrated with a woman's role in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Not being able to chose your future or your destiny, your spouse, your role in life would be so suffocating! To have your life already set before you the minute you were born would be unbearable to me!

Okay, two very dramatic books.

Now for some hilarious laughs! You gotta read Diary of a Wimpy Kid (and the sequel, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules!) It only took a day to read, but what a great. laugh-outloud, fun book. There is really not much to it, other than pure silliness.

So, what's next on the book list? Well, to get my friend to read Twilight, I offered to read a favorite book of hers. And though Brian found the book ridiculou (which it's not suppose to be), I will be reading The Secret. I have to get it read before August 1st when BREAKING DAWN comes out!!!!!! Can't wait.


simply kris said...

did you read Peter and The Starcatchers? I am finally getting to the 3rd book and I must remember to thank your mom for suggesting it. by the way, how are you?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I love that series, Kris. I listened to all of them. Good ol' Jim Dale of Harry Potter fame reads them. Okay, Erinne, we need some sort of update here. Are you ever going to finish Name of the Wind???