Sunday, July 6, 2008


What's more American that an original Roundy Family BBQ? .......... Not much!

We all gathered at Mike and Mad's around 7.00pm.

With hamburgers and hotdogs, an assortment of salads, chips, chessy bean dip, soda pop,
and tableful of desserts, we were good to go into the wee hours.

With lively conversation, ping-pong games, wagon rides behind the riding mower, swings, there was plenty to keep us busy.

Of course, we had our nightly walk to the local 7-11 for more sugar, just in case.


Brooke said...

Wow Erinne, I'm impressed with this outburst of blogging fever. The 3rd of July party looks awesome as usual. We played it pretty casual here on the fact, after reading about 2 shootings that happened in our city on the 4th last year, we decided that maybe we'd just stay in rather then strap on the bullet proof vest for a few fireworks.