Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Inspired by artwork done by some of her friends (with the help of Megan Winborg Gerrard), Olivia wanted to create her very own mixed media collage. She's been the SUPER STAR of the week in her class and each day she has come up with a theme for herself to help her showcase who "Olivia" is. She had a "technology" day, a "fairy" day, a "stuffed toy" day, "Olivia the Pig" day and finally a "purple" day. On this particular colored day, she is taking her purple Jasmine Halloween costume and this Jasmine art piece to show her class. It was her (and my) first attempt at making one of these type of collages. Liv is really happy with it and eager to show her classmates tomorrow. Liv is already planning her next piece. She has already sketched out Rapunzel (in pink for Maggie).


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Olivia Mae
What can I say?
This is so beautiful!

Bevany said...

Love it. I caught a glimpse on Sunday when you had it there and thought it was something you or your mom did. She is a talented girl.

kourtney said...

Love the picture! So talented, just like her mom!

simply kris said...

creative and captivating. love it. i loved sending a "flat jack" to Utah when we lived in MN- i love class projects.