Friday, February 15, 2008


  • It was a Pinkilicious Party! What more could a three-year old ask for? It is her favorite color.
  • Olives, carrot sticks, Ranch dressing, fishy crackers, apple slices, pink dip, rainbow-colored marshmellows, and cherry 7-up for the snack.
  • Decorate your own cupcake. Conversation hearts, sprinkles, pink icing, and cinnamon hearts.
  • Sing "Happy Birthday".
  • Present time! Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse and accessories, Barbie coloring book, dress-ups, make-your-own princess crown, LipSmackers, Disney Princesses tent and sleeping bag. Lots of fun things to play with.
  • Running around like wild banshees.
  • The party comes to a close.
  • B and E take a nap.


Brooke said...

I love the "Pinkilicious" party theme. It looks like Maggie had a great birthday. What a cutie!

Bevany said...

Way cute pictures. I'm glad she had a fun party. Thanks for the pictures and the card.
ps- E, you owe me like twenty comments.

The Hadleys said...

Your kids are seriously beautiful! And you are the coolest mom for putting on such a lovely pink party!

kourtney said...

Erinne, your kids are adorable! I love the party. Fun!

Dane said...

We're all partied-out in AZ. All four of ours have February birthdays.