Saturday, November 3, 2007


Yesterday, Jake and his buddies (and siblings) went to see the "Bee Movie" at the Junction to celebrate his birthday. We followed up the movie with dinner at Wendy's and then presents back at the house. Thanks to everyone who called or emailed on Jake's birthday, or sent cards or gifts. Though he liked all the gifts, I have to say the winner (so far) is Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jeff's Harry Potter birthday card. It plays the theme song to the movie when it's opened. Jake and his friends could not stop opening and closing the card. Finally, Jake banned anyone from opening it so the "batteries won't wear out!"

Off the subject, I don't know if I'd highly recommend the "Bee Movie". Definitely, the amount of hype it has received during the past month was a waste of money. It's not great by any means. The kids will probably enjoy it-the older kids got a lot more of the jokes. But for an adult, if you need assistance to get to sleep, this may be the pill to take. I know I dozed off at one point and got a refreshing cat nap in. I'm not sure how often Brian snuck in some "zzzzz"s; I noticed he was out within the first 10 minutes.