Friday, November 2, 2007


Halloween... It's funny how it has changed since I was young. I remember going out with my dad and brothers and sisters, pillow cases in hand, leaving mom behind to pass out the candy. Dad would take us around the whole neighborhood, making sure as we approached the next home, not to walk on the grass, but take the long way around by use of the sidewalk. We'd stay out for hours, Dad pushing us onward to make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to collect as much sweets as humanly possible.

Nowadays, we all meet in a local parking lot and trunk or treat. I do have to admit I do like aspects of this new procedure to gathering candy. It only takes 30 minutes when once it took hours to fill up one's bag and since it is usually done in the early evening, no more coldy toes, noses and finger tips. Yes, it is a tradeoff.

The kids and I went to our neighborhood Trunk or Treat to start the holiday off. We then headed up to Kaysville to eat our first dinner at Grandma Kimmy's. Yummy and very seasonally-appropriate chili and cornbread. We then went out to Jake's teacher's place to trick or treat at her door. His teacher, Ms. Segura, is from Spain and is just in awe with this thing we call "Halloween". She is amazed by the decorations, the costumes, the festivities and most of all the candy. She invited the entire third grade to stop on by. She was super-excited to see us and just kept putting handfuls of candy into the kid's bags. Jake commented, as we left, that we "hit the jackpot!" We definitely did. We headed back to Kaysville, meeting up with Brian, to end our haunting evening at Gram and Gramps Roundy to munch on some pizza, eat some of our treats and watch "Phenomenon" (though a lame show, it kind of fit the holiday, you know, magic and Criss Angel and stuff like that).