Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It was a Girls Night Out this evening. Together with Olivia, mom, JoJo, aunt Wendy, Laurie (an old friend from elementary school), Bev, Keigan, Audrey and Kendyl, we saw the 7.30pm showing of Disney's "Enchanted" at the Junction in Ogden. Overall, it was a pretty good movie. It got a lot of chuckles from Audrey. Everytime Prince Edward, aka James Marsden, came on the screen, Audrey just started to laugh. After the movie was over, Bev agreed with Audrey on the hilarity of Prince Edward, though Audrey was laughing so loud it was hard to hear anyone else. It was a nice, little refreshing show and perfect for us to go see. Next Girls Night Out movie..."Alvin and the Chimpmunks". But I think I'll be sick that day; I can already feel it coming on.
Speaking of movies, I'm looking forward to "The Golden Compass" (and for all you who may have seen the article by the Christian something-or-other-league about it being anti-Christianity, read the books first!!!) and "Sweeney Todd". Anyone out there wanting to see Johnny Depp go crazy in the kitchen in ST?


Bevany said...

I was going to do the same post, but I guess I won't since you beat me to it. Thanks for setting it up. It was a fun night. Audrey wasn't laughing nearly as loud as you and your mom at the Ice Age preview when we saw Jurassic Park 3.

Brian said...


I told you that you need to learn how to blog from your phone so that you can beat people to the post.

Lorena said...

Hey Roundys!

So glad to see that you were lurking on our blog without our knowledge!

We now have you linked and Google Read, so we are all set!

Brian said...

Lorena & Dane,

Sorry about stalking you guys on your blog but after reading about some of your exploits (the seat saving at the theater in particular) we thought it might be wise to keep things at a distance. It must have been the flood of traffic that you received after I linked to you blog that gave us away.

Are you planning on coming to Utah this Christmas? Andy Crowe is planning on throwing a mean Christmas party with the old gang.

Also most of the theaters here have reserved seating now so that might be another incentive...